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The Best Websites for Science Project Information, Support, or Products.

 This website contains the most comprehensive information about science projects for K-12 students. It offers about 1000 science fair project ideas for different grades and different areas of science including physics, chemistry, biology, electricity, earth science and environmental science. If you like any of the project ideas, you can join to get additional information known as a Project Guide. Go to

Science Project home page

Projects are classified as experimental projects, engineering projects and display or presentation projects. Most experimental project guides contain an introduction, information gathering, defining variables, sample hypothesis, and experiment design. They may also contain additional advice on the structure of data table and creation of a graph. Go to

Some of the best science project samples may be found at MiniScience is the producer of many different educational kits and science project kits. If your project idea can be found at, then you will have the convenience of online ordering for materials (Tax Free in 48 states) and access to free information and online instructions. Go to

MiniScience project kits are classified as Science Kits and Technology Kits. All the materials included in the science project kits or technology kits are carefully selected for compatibility, best results and successful experiments. Go to

This is where you can find a selection of the best science project kits that have proven success in the past years. For each project idea you will first view the instructions and then decide if you want to order a kit. Most science kits introduced in this website are for students in grades 5 to 9; however, they may be adapted for lower or higher grades as well. Use the science kits for your up-coming science fair or classroom/engineering  project.

From the instruction page of each science project kit you will have a direct link to the secure website for ordering. Both the and are managed by MiniScience Inc. Go to KidsLoveKits website

More Suppliers of Science Education Products and Science Project Kits:

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  10. Science Fair Supplies and Instructions:
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  12. To add to this list please call 973-405-6249